Shadows in the water
Solo piano and electroacoustic
Duration: 10 minutes
Premiere: 5 May 2018, Madrid. BBVA Foundation. Alberto Rosado.
UK Premiere: 30 May 2018, Oxford. Jacqueline Du Pre Music Hall. Karl Lutchmayer.


A piece for pianist-reciter where words, notes and recitation form a unity by means of a splendid poem by Thomas Traherne.

I Have a Dream
Oboe solo

A composition that explores the possibilities of transferring an actual speech into music.

Sound Clouds
Piano solo
Duration: 8 minutes

Premiere: November 2016, Warsaw. Chopin University. Jonathan Powell.

Sound Clouds is a piece made with stochastic procedures as a tribute to Iannis Xenakis.

Piano solo
Duration: 5 minutes
Premiere: 20 June 2016, Zwiefalten, Germany. Eva Llorente.

The search for a crystalline sound is the essence of this work.

Cello solo

Premiere: 11 October 2014, Madrid. Iagoba Fanlo. Contemporary Music Festival of Tres Cantos.

Suite for cello that is a tribute to Bach’s suites. Like “Emphasis” for violin, this composition combines extended techniques and traditional idiomatic writing.

Piano solo
Duration: 8 minutes

In this piece I look for sound expression through the relationship between dynamics and rhythmic figuration.

Solo guitar

Private premiere: July 1996, Darmstadt. International Courses for New Music. Kim Yun.

Work of my youth that tracks the resources of flamenco to turn them into extended guitar techniques.

Manuel Martinez Burgos