The Shout
Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 7 minutes

Private premiere: 4 March 2018, Oxford. Oxford Philharmonia.

The work is based on Simon Armitage’s poem of the same name. The orchestra is here treated not only as an instrument but also as a prosodic element through the recitation of its members.

Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 14 minutes

Premiere: 4 April 2019. Galicia Symphony Orchestra

Daivat means power, strength in Sanskrit. It also refers to the time that memory cannot remember.

Before Silence
Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 14 minutes
Premiere: 11 February 2012. National Orchestra of Spain. Conductor: Jordi Bernacer Madrid, National Auditorium. Composition competition, BBVA Foundation – National Auditorium

The starting point of this piece is silence, not as a physical fact but as the magic phenomenon that happens when a music composition finishes. The compositional process is thus made with this final point in mind, which was composed in first instance. As a result the end of the work is treated as not as the consequence of all previous musical processes but as the true originator of musical form.

Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 13 minutes.

Premiere: January 8, 2011. National Orchestra of Spain. Conductor: Jos̩ Luis Temes Madrid, National Auditorium. Composition competition, BBVA Foundation РNational Auditorium

Work that continues with the research line of Sibilus including whistled languages from around the world.

Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 15 minutes

Premiere: 19 September 2009, Seoul. Seoul Arts Center. Wonju Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Chi-Yong Jung Seoul (Korea). Composition competition Isang Yun.

Sibilus is the starting point of a research into the possibilities that certain melodies from whistled languages offer for composition.

Umbrales (Thresholds)
Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 17 minutes.

Premiere: 4 May 2009. ORCAM, Orchestra of Madrid Region. Conductor: Carlos Cuesta. Madrid, National Auditorium. Season 2008-09.

Unlike the classical-romantic symphony, Umbrales proposes extensive interludes between its different contrasting movements. This creates a destabilizing formal effect while the intermediate sections provide unity to the work.

Manuel Martinez Burgos