Chamber ensemble
Duration: 10 minutes

Private audition: March 2017, University of Oxford. Chroma Ensemble.
Premiere: September 24 2017, Madrid. Festival COMA, Sax Ensemble.

The members of the camera group interact with each other through musical gestures that are transformed idiomatically in each instrument.

Chamber ensemble
Duration: 19 minutes.

Premiere: 27 April 2014, Madrid. Teatro Real. Soloists of Madrid’s Symphonic Orchestra. Flute: Pilar Constancio. Clarinet: Luis Miguel Méndez. Percussion: Juan José Rubio. Violin: Vera Paskaleva. Viola: Josefa Lafarga. Harp: Susana Cermeño.

Elixir for chamber group is commissioned by the Teatro Real and the Madrid Symphony Orchestra. It involves a dialogue between the video art that accompanies the work and the spatialization of the interpreters.

Chamber ensemble
Duration: 12 minutes

Premiere: 8 mars 2012, Madrid. BBVA Foundation. Clarinet: Justo Sanz. Violin: Sergey Teslia. Violin: Joaquín Torre. High: Alan Kovacs. Cello: Iagoba Fanlo. Harp: Maria Rosa Calvo-Manzano

For harp and chamber sextet, it is a tribute to the work of Claude Debussy’s with the same instrumentation.

Duration: 15 minutes

Version for ensemble of the orchestral work.

Percussion ensemble
Duration: 8 minutes

Premiere: 31 mars 1992, Grupo Enigma. Zaragoza, School of Arts and Crafts.

Youth piece for percussion group that is my presentation in the course of composition with Cristóbal Halftter and Joan Guinjoan.

Manuel Martinez Burgos