Geroglifico d’amore
Choir and orchestra
Duration: 22 minutes.
Premiere: 27 February 2018. ORCAM, choir and orchestra. Conductor: Víctor Pablo Pérez.

Reflection on love in its different meanings according to the tradition of Classical Greece.

The Bacchae
Choir, tenor, baritone and orchestra
Duration: 25 minutes.

Dramatic work for chorus, tenor baritone and orchestra based on the homonymous tragedy of Euripides (with English translations from Ancient Greek from the University of Oxford).

Sidón Ibera
Chorus and symphonic orchestra
Duration: 21 minutes

Premiere: 29 June 2005. Lyric Choir of Cantabria and Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y León (Spain). Conductor: Alejandro Posada. Santander, Palace of Festivals. Commemorative Concert: 250th anniversary of Santander Town.

This work tells the history of the city of Santander through the phonetic transformation of its name in the choir. Santi Emeterii portus – Sant Emeter – Sant Ander – Santander

Manuel Martinez Burgos