Dies Mei
Mixed chorus
Duration: 6 minutes.
Premiere: 7 March 2016, Oxford. Christ Church Choir.

This piece constitutes a highly transformed repertoire of versions of the Dies Mei according to the tradition of Hispanic singing.

Sun Rays
Mixed choir and cello.
Duration: 6 minutes.
Premiere: 25 June 2016, Zenobia Consort. Conductor: Rupert Damerell. Cello: Iagoba Fanlo.

Piece for mixed chorus with 4 voices and cello that explores the harmonic possibilities offered by this instrumental combination.

Mixed choir
Duration: 7 minutes.

Premiere: 14 November 2015, Finland. Also in private audition by the BBC singers.

Work for mixed choir founded on the idea of light as a universal concept in very different traditions.

Missa Brevis
Mixed Choir
Duration: 12 minutes.

Premiere: 6 October 2000, Madrid. Teatro Monumental. Choir of Spanish Radio Television RTVE. Conductor: Mariano Alfonso. Commemorative Concert: 50th anniversary of the chorus.

Work of youth where I explore the micro-polyphonic possibilities of the choir.

Manuel Martinez Burgos