String Quartet n. 3
Duration: 12 minutes

Private premiere: 8 March 2016, Oxford, University of Oxford. Villiers Quartet.
Premiere: 5 November 2016, Madrid. Royal Conservatory of Music. Cuarteto Cibeles.

My third string quartet is based on the spectral analysis of the five basic vowels, which form the harmonic material of the work.

Death Be Not Proud
Mezzo and piano

Private premiere: 9 March 2018, Oxford. Oxford University. Voice: Raphaella Papadakis. Piano: Sholto Kynoch

A mystical poem by John Donne serves as a pretext for this reflection on death.

Zangs Dung
Cello and piano
Duration: 7 minutes.
Premiere: 11 March 2015, Madrid. Sala 400, MNARS. Cello: J. M. Cumbreras. Piano:
Rafael Salas.

This piece is based on the spectral analysis of Tibetan trumpets.

Clarinet and piano
Duration: 8 minutes
Premiere: 26 February 2015, Madrid. Royal Conservatory of Music. Clarinet: Justo Sanz. Piano: Sebastián Mariné.

Reflections, sound echoes and a certain dramatization form the central idea of this composition.

Silent Sun
Mezzo-soprano, violin, cello and piano
Duration: 12 minutes.

Premiere: 18 mars 2014, Paris. Cervantes Institute. Mezzo-soprano: Magdalena Llamas. Violin: Georgy Vasilenko. Cello: Iagoba Fanlo. Piano: Mariana Gurkova.

Silent Sun is an imaginary encounter between the poets Walt Whitman and Federico García Lorca.

Version for violin and piano
Duration: 16 minutes.

Premiere: 18 mars 2014. Paris, Cervantes Institute. Violin: Sergey Teslia. Piano: Mariana Gurkova.

Version for violin and piano of the concert for violin and orchestra.

Opposite Mirrors
Saxophone alto and piano
Duration: 10 minutes.

Premiere: 9 June 2012. Saxophone: Johan Van der Linden. Piano: Henry Kelder. Utrecht, Utrecht Conservatorium. 1st International Alkema Composition Contest.
French premiere: 18 mars 2014, Paris, Cervantes Institute. Saxophone: Joaquín Franco. Piano: Mariana Gurkova.

The alto saxophone and the piano establish a dialogue where the echoes, resonances and imitations of each of them form the harmonic spectrum of the work.

Dichosa edad y siglos dichosos
Trio (violin, cello and piano)
Duration: 14 minutes.

Premiere: 27 October 2011, Guanajuato (Mexico), Trio Morelia. Museo Iconografico del Quijote. International Cervantes Festival.
French premiere: 18 mars 2014, Paris. Cervantes Institute. Violin: Georgy Vasilenko. Cello: Iagoba Fanlo. Piano: Mariana Gurkova.

Trio for violin, piano and cello founded on Don Quixote’s speech.

String Quartet n. 2
Duration: 15 minutes.
Private premiere: December 2000, Moscow. Workshop by Studio for New Music.

String quartet with extensive contrapuntal treatment.

String quartet n. 1
Duration: 12 minutes.

Premiere: 20 June 2012, Madrid. CEDAM. Titan string quartet.

String quartet that reflects on memory and oblivion.

Flute, oboe and clarinet
Duration: 10 minutes

Premiere: 8 May 1997, Madrid. Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). LIM Group.

Neuma, the Latin air, is the foundation of this composition that explores the long sounds of wooden wind instruments and their timbre metamorphoses.

Entidad contrastada
Soprano and clarinet
Duration: 10 minutes

Premiere: 27 October 1996, Madrid. Reina Sofia Museum Encuentros-CDMC Soprano: Cristina Garcia-Corrales. Clarinet: Evencio Raña.

Composition for clarinet and voice that is my presentation at the Queen Sofía National Art Centre. My fields of interest for future works are already present in this composition.

Manuel Martinez Burgos