Title to be determined
Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 9 minutes

Premiere: 11 May 2019. Oxford Philharmonia
Composition based on the “Codex on Birds” by Leonardo Da Vinci. Commissioned by Oxford Philharmonia.

The Shout
Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 7 minutes

Private premiere: 4 March 2018, Oxford. Oxford Philharmonia.

The work is based on Simon Armitage’s poem of the same name. The orchestra is here treated not only as an instrument but also as a prosodic element through the recitation of its members.

Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 14 minutes

Premiere: 4 April 2019. Galicia Symphony Orchestra

Daivat means power, strength in Sanskrit. It also refers to the time that memory cannot remember.

Before Silence
Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 14 minutes
Premiere: 11 February 2012. National Orchestra of Spain. Conductor: Jordi Bernacer Madrid, National Auditorium. Composition competition, BBVA Foundation – National Auditorium

The starting point of this piece is silence, not as a physical fact but as the magic phenomenon that happens when a music composition finishes. The compositional process is thus made with this final point in mind, which was composed in first instance. As a result the end of the work is treated as not as the consequence of all previous musical processes but as the true originator of musical form.

Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 13 minutes.

Premiere: January 8, 2011. National Orchestra of Spain. Conductor: José Luis Temes Madrid, National Auditorium. Composition competition, BBVA Foundation – National Auditorium

Work that continues with the research line of Sibilus including whistled languages from around the world.

Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 15 minutes

Premiere: 19 September 2009, Seoul. Seoul Arts Center. Wonju Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Chi-Yong Jung Seoul (Korea). Composition competition Isang Yun.

Sibilus is the starting point of a research into the possibilities that certain melodies from whistled languages offer for composition.

Umbrales (Thresholds)
Symphonic Orchestra
Duration: 17 minutes.

Premiere: 4 May 2009. ORCAM, Orchestra of Madrid Region. Conductor: Carlos Cuesta. Madrid, National Auditorium. Season 2008-09.

Unlike the classical-romantic symphony, Umbrales proposes extensive interludes between its different contrasting movements. This creates a destabilizing formal effect while the intermediate sections provide unity to the work.

Manuel M. Burgos